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        What is Beyond?

        Beyond is an Israel-based gap year enrichment program designed for Jewish students following their high school graduation. Participants can choose between a 5-month or 9-month experience. Beyond weaves together academic study, leadership development, community service, educational travel, and Jewish life experiences in Israel. Beyond, a project of BBYO, welcomes Jewish young adults from all backgrounds and nationalities.


        Beyond bridges the gap between high school and the greater independence of young adulthood. It is a journey of discovery. Students are exposed to new cultures and ideas in a safe environment, and are given the freedom to explore their interests. With the vibrancy of Tel Aviv as a backdrop, and the rich history and natural beauty of Israel at their fingertips, Beyond participants are guaranteed life-changing moments. And through it all, developing a greater sense of self and forming lifelong connections to Jewish young adults from around the world.


        Self-knowledge. Compassion. A deeper understanding of Jewish identity. Beyond is a transformational experience that provides participants with unique opportunities to help them grow and learn. Through a variety of service projects, participants are able to make a difference in their host communities. There are also myriad possibilities for leadership development—through skill seminars and practical leadership opportunities within the Beyond community. BBYO has a long history of leadership development, and Beyond proudly continues this tradition.


        Though Beyond is filled with opportunities for travel, service, networking, cultural enrichment and personal growth, perhaps its most practical benefit is the chance for participants to learn in an academic setting. Students have access to the dynamic campus of Tel Aviv University, with its illustrious faculty and world-class facilities. Beyond participants pursue their interests and grow while receiving college credit—a wonderful way of preparing them for the rigors of college life while instilling a love for learning.

        A Snapshot of Beyond

        SESSION ONE -



        "‘A gap year abroad prior to college is a great way to engage with our global community. Being in Israel offers the unique learning experiences of a country that is both ancient and modern – a country where Biblical archeology and micro-chip development are part of the fabric of daily life. Programs like Beyond prepare students to thrive in a competitive university setting and shape their worldview in a way that gives meaningful context to their academic studies.’
        Dr. Larry Moneta
        Vice President for Student Affairs, Duke University